by Juna

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Dedicated to T.W.M.


released September 26, 2012

Mastered by David Klug.



all rights reserved


Juna Fayetteville, West Virginia

Over the years, Juna has evolved from a one-man act to a four piece band and then back to a one-man act. Singer/songwriter John Morgan continues to produce and release his work under the moniker Juna. The most recent release "Sing" has a dark-minstrel folk element with a woodsy feel, inspired by the great appalachian mountains of West Virginia. ... more

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Track Name: Epsom
stay my angel
bake your favorite things
all made from our own wheat

taste of maple
for days the rain fell
rain of april into the seed

and it's just like an animal

save in rain drum
bathe in epsom
laced and cradled through the leaf

swim in the rain swim in the stream
dance on the lake drink from the reed
stay out beneath the stars of the eve with me

and it's just like an animal

Track Name: Hawk
So eat like a hawk from the stream
and leave what you don't need.
So say what you mean

So sing what you will sing
and cease this gluttony.

Track Name: Fortress
I am a fortress I am a castle you cannot penetrate
and I'm not inside I'm not outside I'm not at the gate
you may only pursue


I'm not the master I'm not the slave I am not the cage
I'm not the doctor I'm not the pain I'm not what you take
I'm not the actor I'm not the stage I am not the fake
I'm not the hunter I'm not the prey I am the cave

Felt you move. Won't you move?
Felt you breath. Won't you breathe?
Lick your teeth. Lick your teeth.
Felt you reach. Won't you sing?

Track Name: Chant 1
to love you is to know you
to know you is to love you
Track Name: Even
and even in this dark with the walls around you
you know they would surround you from the cold
and even in this house with the coals and embers
you know wouldn't you rather be in the cold?

and deep within the grain of the wood
and even as the flames lick and push

and even in this heart where it would compell you
and I don't have to tell you anymore
and even in these woods where the wolves can get you
they smell and inspect you, you wouldn't move
and even if I could leave West Virginia
you know I should'a killed you for what you done.
but the tree with stubborn root will hold together
come on and hold together me and you.

and deep within the carnal state of
the easing of the pain we die of
and even if beside you I stood
and be together more like we should

la da da da da
Track Name: Banner
so why would you opt for the only knight?
oh I'm looking in on to put you right
oh I'll hide in this tower an unholy act
oh I'm pushing in on to put you back

and if your banner falls
honey well it just don't
and if your choir's off
honey well it's just right on

so wind will you down for the coming months
oh I'm picking acorn to lift you up
oh I'll hide all this power and hold me back
oh I'm pushing in on the keep you at

and oh I just can't take this anymore
and no I just can't take this anymore
la da da da...
Track Name: Hannah
la da da...
Track Name: Chant 2
I'm coming out to say all that I can
I'm coming down the mountain
and into your hand

there's nothing I can say
nothing I can make stay
there's nothing in the place
nothing I can take away
Track Name: Way Down
And he said "Oh my son, there is so much more you could be
than an entertainer. How about a slave trader with a master's degree
another defacer, an administrator for the coal company?"
That's what he told me. So I'll lay down and sing.

And she said "Oh my love, there is so much more you could be
an agitator, an advocator for clean energy
another Ralph Nader, a crusader for good and for peace."
But just hold me and show me that you love me way down.

Way Down
Track Name: Green and Blue
fade after rain puts your anger out
lay in this state you won't end up this way

to arms, to arms
you reduced my fortress to rubble
to arms, to arms
you made my scabs and bone

fate after rage put you dagger down
hate as your chain is your biggest mistake

(my head my heart my face my charm
my lips my body you haven't seen me at all
my hands my height my taste my life
my lips my body you haven't seen me at all)

to arms, to arms
you reduced my fortress to rubble
to arms, to arms
you made me scabs and bone
now my army's just a rabble
but we can still throw stone

All we can do love, is throw stone
All we can do is throw stone
All we can do....
(la da da da)
Green and Blue
(la da da da)