by Juna

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released April 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Juna Fayetteville, West Virginia

Over the years, Juna has evolved from a one-man act to a four piece band and then back to a one-man act. Singer/songwriter John Morgan continues to produce and release his work under the moniker Juna. The most recent release "Sing" has a dark-minstrel folk element with a woodsy feel, inspired by the great appalachian mountains of West Virginia. ... more

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Track Name: Coma So Mild
I don't listen why
I don't mix the cards
I don't listen out
I'm covered in sick cow
'til the eyes of the sun
they burn a little me up
a coma so mild

to a big surprise
I wanna wake up now
I wanna wake up now
to a big surprise
from a coma so mild

I wanna wake up now

through the dirty aisle
I'm gonna sail this cart
I'm gonna fill it right up
right up to the top
I'm gonna sell'em my life
for a low low price
I won't put up no fight
I'm gonna sell'em my life
I wanna wake up now
Track Name: Door
and the sun
and the sea
and the air
and the heat
under this water we sink

you gotta open up this door

and the eye it can see
that the end is coming
under this wall street sick

you gotta open up this door
Track Name: Eden
and i wanna speak to the bees
I don't wanna speak to the astronaut
I wanna lay outside on the leaves
I wanna live like the indians


and when i wanna swim in the sea
I don't wanna say please
I wanna build a house in the trees
I don't want more than I need

I'm gonna go right back to Eden
I'm gonna get it back again

Track Name: Move Over
there is a cannibal in this heart
in a tribe in a cave with the TV on
or in a car with the radio medium
we're all high we don't care what the meat is from

you get your choice of anestesia
from china or indonesia
whatever that we think might please ya
keep them alive so that we can eat them

move over

So we killed all the indians
from the indies all the way up to washington
Shawnee Commanche Arapaho
Cheyene Apache and Navaho

we got a planet of cattle
there is no mind there are only the chemicals
there is a fire at the end of the tunnel
only the wild know the way to survival

move over

free all the lions

there is an animal in this heart
a lion and a CEO antelope
shawnee commanche arapaho
Cheyene Comanche and Navaho
there is an animal in this soul
there is a light in the red of the cardinal
there is a fire at the end of the tunnel
only the wild know the way to survival
Track Name: The Flow
and I am a man on the earth
and lying in the sand won't reverse
the flow

like lime into the wind
we all go into the dirt
Track Name: Control
It takes a village just to raise a child
I know a place where they're just running wild
can't anybody read a line
in george orwell or lord of the flies?

you can't control me

I got an antidote that kills the lies
I know an animal that thinks its high
won't anybody legalize
become cannibal of parasite

you can't control me

there are a million different ways to die
and you can sheer a sheep many times
like Geronimo with genocide
you must break a bone to make a knife

you can't control me
Track Name: Dust
on the pavement I walk
into rectangles and walls
all these mazes are false

throught tiny holes in the rock
into my home I now come
the only place where i stop
in a basement


down the basin or tub
through the drain around the hole
and the mainstream flows on

through these crevases I watch
as crushed up bone and blood and stuff
in the pavement


whether angry or not
whether in love or in lust
all these flames they are hot

in a distainful distance
I will walk the open dust
I will seek til I'm lost

and I am a caveman in clothes
covered up with chemicals
Track Name: No Use
you can break my arms
you smash my face
you can take my car
doesn't change a thing

you can take my heart
you can take my mind
it's all no use

you can tap my phone
and you can come in my place
all in all I'm a slave
doesn't change a thing

you can break my heart
you can break my mind
it's all no use

though you may have won
your innocence is gone
carry on 'cause we're all in for it

though you may be strong
your skin is coming off
carry on 'cause we're all in for it
Track Name: Fire
I can't go to sleep
they all follow me
we have what they seek
they are squandering


the fire is growing
the heat is sweltering
we are scattering
they are conquering


I can't go to sleep
they are on to me
time for gathering
time for hunting

Track Name: Hunt
so wake with me now
and rake the leaves of all our clothes
so stay with me now
and make believe we're all alone

'til late will we hide
and leave our restful homes behind
away from these lights
into the cold of darkened night
away will we fly
and make believe we'll stay alive